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Seriously, affiliate marketing/referral program?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This is a blog about how I will make some passive income and investment. I am doing this blog for money. I hope you are reading this for the same reason.There is no time to lose. Your time is precious, so is mine. So let's get on with it.

I've searched the web high and low for different ways to make a passive income. Read many articles about it. You probably did too. However most of them give very generic advice. I hope to be able to explore some alternatives. Hence this website.

Each blog post on this website will attempt to discuss one stream of passive income or investment. I probably have a few streams WORKING for me right now (hopefully) and I will be sharing all of them here in separate posts. This post is about affiliate marketing and referral program. I am as skeptical as you. I also DO NOT believe that one can make serious money out of these. Let alone a sustainable passive income. Until I came across empireflippers. This is a marketplace for selling online business. I signed up and checked out their listings such as this one:

$49,269 monthly net profit for a website doing Advertising, Affiliate, Amazon Associates, info product and subscription seems too good to be true. But there are many listings like this. Detailed proof of earnings and traffic are available once you prove to empireflippers that you are a worthy buyer. The numbers don't lie, especially for an online business.This particular seller spends no more than 15 hours a week on general communications, updating links, and assigning content to writers. 15 hours a week are still a lot of time for passive earnings. But then if we assume less efforts equal less earnings. I could retire on a fraction of the monthly net profit without putting in much effort. Sounds like a plan. So how do I start doing that?

How about here Clickbait! That's a HopLink to a website that help finds the best dividend stocks around. Holding good dividend stocks is a legit way to make some passive income. I'll save you from another 1000 words of promotional material. Please join their paid subscription. I get 40% referral commission from the vendor. You get the idea. So this is what I did. I signed up for a Clickbank account. This is an affiliate marketing marketplace that you can join for free and get all the HopLinks for all kind of products. I am set.

This is my initial Clickbank dashboard snapshot. Zero income for now. But the experiment has began. I am counting on the reader's support and will update from time to time. Feel free to visit again to check it out.

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