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The tale of the 3 Bitcoins?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Once upon a time, there was only 1 Bitcoin, ticker BTC, born in the year 2008 after the The Great Depression. In 2017, the 2nd Bitcoin, known as Bitcoin Cash, ticker BCH (sometimes BCHABC) is forked from BTC. Not long after that, in 2018, the 3rd Bitcoin, aka Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, ticker BSV is forked from BCH. That's the state of the current situation now. Confused yet?

The simplest version of the story goes like this. In preparation of the next global financial tsunami, the 3 little Bitcoins set off to build their own version of a safe house. BTC decided to focus on decentralization and it built small brick houses everywhere so that if any one failed, it always has a backup somewhere else. BCH decided a town house would be perfect. It started to add a bit of security changes here, a bit of window grills there and other improvement works on the town house every now and then. BSV on the other hand started the construction of a giant building. The building will be set in stone, it said. The entrance, hallways, lifts and staircases will always be at the same place. There is room for everyone in the building, come help us built it. And slowly people heeded its call. The building began to take shape.

The proverbial super global financial tsunami finally came. The earthquake ruined some of BTC brick houses. The 10 feet waves swallowed the rest. BCH town house survived the storm somehow. But it is left empty because none remember the latest password to the gate. After the tide receded, only one giant building is left standing. Some in that building opened up their windows to receive the first ray of sunlight. They saw that the destruction was catastrophic and complete, and felt lucky to have bought the Satoshi's Vision.

But there is nothing to do with luck really. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, invest in BSV. This is not a financial advice. This is common sense. Do your own research. I did mine and invested in BSV since it was USD40 a piece. Today it is traded at around USD200. The best place to purchase BSV in my humble opinion is at the Huobi exchange. The cryptoexchange is one of the largest and more reputable one. Use my referral code mkuz3 to get some rebates if you so wish. Another one I can recommend is the Bittrex exchange. You will need to jump through some hoops before you can use fiat to purchase. Read its instruction. See you on the other side.

Short cut: Purchase BSV with credit/debit card at (Only works in some countries)

If you want to keep BSV in your own wallet instead of keeping them in the exchange (which is always a good idea), these are the digital wallets that I recommend:

While SimplyCash is contented to focus on just being a good digital wallet. The others are all competing to be the ultimate gateway to a plethora of Bitcoin Apps. More on these Apps later.

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