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Time to upgrade your browser?

If you are still using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or worse, Internet Explorer, it is time for you to upgrade. The Brave browser load 6 x faster than Chrome as it block all the unwanted cookies, data trackers and advertisements the bulk of websites throw at you. You deserve a better internet where privacy is respected. If this is still not enough to convince you to switch, maybe paying you will.

That's right, the Brave browser is going to pay you for your attention with its Basic Attention Token (BAT). You can use the browser as normal. But you can also opt in and turn on its Brave Rewards feature. The feature will serve you advertisement at a rate of your choice, say once every hour. And if you choose to read the advertisement, the browser will reward you with BAT, which is currently value at around USD 0.24 a piece. There is also an advance features built in with the browser that allow content creators to monetized their content by linking their website, YouTube channel or Twitter account with Brave.

All this is free of charge. Join here

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