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Tweet and earn?

This is about a Bitcoin SV app. You should probably read my article In math we trust? and The tale of the 3 Bitcoins? first if you have no prior knowledge of Bitcoin SV.

Twitter is very popular in the US. But maybe not so much in Asia. Donald Trump's random rants on Twitter make it trendy again I guess. It is free to sign up and use Twitter. As of 2019, it is boasting 330 million active users from all over the world. The platform make money through targeted advertisement. Your attention is the new currency.

We are no strangers to the bane of social media. These platform owns our data and uses them for monetization. Trolls loom at every corners to push agendas and influences. Bullies flex their cyber muscles to inflict injury whenever they like it. It cost next to nothing for them to do so. A new breed of applications that is built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain is trying to solve this problem.

Twetch uses BSV as its native currency. All posts are stored in the blockchain. Every action such as follow, like, share and post incur a micropayment. These micropayments are shared between the platform and users. This is supposed to reward quality posts, reduce trolling and discourage bullies. If you are a content provider or an avid twitter, this may present an opportunity for some extra income.

This kind of application presents an alternative way of using social media. Whether it will be successful in challenging the incumbent is a big question mark. However I recommend to give it a try and have some fun while you pick up some real cash along the way. I am given 3 invites to share with new users. You can use them to sign up.

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